The Chirpy Cats


By agreeing to purchase a cat/kitten from The Chirpy Cats Cattery you will be require to sign a contract that states the following.

  1. Your cat/kitten will be an indoor cat and will never be left unattended outdoors.
  2. The Chirpy Cats  will have kitten spayed/neutered before leaving our cattery. Spay/Neuter is included in the purchase price.
  3. You agree to NEVER declaw your cat/kitten. Declawing is equivalent to cutting off the first digit of the finger and is physically and emotionally  detrimental to the animals well being.  For more information on dangers of declawing check out this link from the HUMANE SOCIETY.
  4. HEALTH GUARANTEE – Any conditions above or below not adhered to will void this guarantee.
    1. In order to honor our health guarantee, your kitten will need to be seen by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of pickup.
    2. Seller guarantees to the best of their knowledge the cat/kitten is in good health and free from genetic defects or congenital disease.
    3. Seller is not responsible for illness or injury to cat/kitten resulting from the buyers negligence, accident, or mishandling. Seller is not responsible for any damages or injury to buyer, other animals, people or property caused by cat/kitten.
    4. Buyer must notify seller within 72 hours of pickup if a major illness, serious genetic defect or congenital disease is found and confirmed by  licensed veterinarian.
    5. If within 72 hours the cat/kitten is found to be ill with serious illness/defect by a licensed veterinarian, the Seller will refund the purchase price upon return of cat/kitten.
    6. Seller is not responsible for any vet bills incurred after the cat/kitten has left The Chirpy Cats Cattery.
    7. If the cat/kitten dies within 2 years from a hereditary congenital disease or genetic defect, the buyer will receive a replacement cat/kitten of like value when one becomes available upon providing a statement from a licensed veterinarian or autopsy report from licensed laboratory, that states the cat/kitten died from a hereditary or congenital disease.
    8. The kitten must be at a weight of at least 4lbs before receiving its 1st rabies vaccine. The vaccine must only be a nonadjuvanted or recombinant rabies vaccine. Make sure your vet knows this.
    9. You agree to stay in touch with The Chirpy Cats and provide regular photos and status updates, on how your Mau is doing. Thank You!
    1. We currently do not offer shipping of our cats/kittens. If you wish to fly into Kansas City we’ll be happy to meet you with your kitten at your gate at Kansas City International Airport(MCI).
    2. We can also bring your kitten to any show we’re attending.
    3. You can also pick up your kitten from our home in Kansas City.
    1. We accept cash, money order, or bank certified cashier’s check as payment.
    2. We require a $200 deposit to reserve your kitten, which can be paid with PayPal.
    3. Deposits are non-refundable unless your kitten is not available within the agreed upon timeframe.
    4. Payment in full is due on or before pickup.